GemPad Services

Comprehensive Support for Launching Your Project on MaxxChain

Making On-Chain Launches Effortless

A well-guided process encompassing all necessary utilities and services to provide you and your project with the best possibility for success.

Our partnered Launchpad service, facilitated by GemPad, aims to offer top-tier support and extensive exposure to projects seeking to launch on MaxxChain. Regardless of the project's requirements, GemPad representatives will collaborate with project owners and developers to ensure a successful launch, utilizing the diverse services and tiers available within their Launchpad platform.

LaunchPad and Token Deployment Platform

GemPad offers a wide range of tools for project owners and developers to materialize their ideas. This includes nine different launch types with multiple tiers that cater to various project needs.

Owners can also create their token contractdirectly within the GemPad platform using one of their five distinct, fullyaudited token types.

Pre and Post Launch Services

Prior to deployment, GemPad can provide project audits and multiple types of KYC services through their preferred partners. Projects can select one of several partners, each providing a different option based on the project's needs.

GemPad also features a specialized presale calculator for fair launches and presales, allowing projects to easily understand and validate token allocations prior to the presale process.

Post deployment, projects can utilize GemPad's token and liquidity locker for project tokens and LP to provide assurance and security to their communities.

Furthermore, GemPad offers projects the opportunity to make use of their all-in-one staking platform depending on the needs of the project and the requirements to their communities.